Lefty Unions Vilify (R-WI) Walker's budget vote; but over-look the massive Union slashes of Carter

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Two newsclips from the Carter era suggest the conflict between organized labor and the administration. The first touches on a Teamsters contract involving interstate trucking. The second refers to a lawsuit against the Carter guidelines by the AFL-CIO... (cont.)
-Today, women, Tea Party, & Media are the object of numerous Union (**language) [assaults] & threats of [violence]

-Then: Decline of Unions, Part One: President Carter:
The Union-Buster Extraordinaire:
(cont.) The Carter administration was the last to attempt to intervene directly in wage and price setting to restrain inflation. For example, the Kennedy-Johnson administrations used wage-price guideposts and the Nixon administration imposed mandatory wage-price controls.

A major assumption in all of these programs was that "key" union settlements set patterns for wages more generally. Thus, influencing these key settlements would in theory affect wages and prices throughout the economy.
-WI; Myths and Facts: [Read]

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