Heritage & Reason TV look at both sides of the Union argument (video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Protesters and Unions in Wisconsin paint this as a "Republican Governor" battle; as viewed in their "Hitler posters" and hate attacks against Conservatives"...

While, at the same time, numerous Democrat State Governors & Senators, such as Cuomo (D-N.Y.) and Brown (D-CA.) are imposing Pension & entitlements, and policy reforms; that no longer pull from the economy.


-WaPo: Battle on between gov’t workers & taxpayers
"Every government worker is a "net negative" to the GDP... Every non-government worker is a "net positive"....
Nothing could bring this country to its knees faster than the future trillions needed to fund salaries, benefits and pensions to vastly overpaid and even more vastly overpopulated public service union workers... MaiDee

Government workers at all levels do not produce, they are all overhead... Every dollar that goes to government overhead is a dollar that is no longer available to create real productive jobs in the private economy... -SW01"

Another explains the absence of an adversarial relationship with party3 Tax-Payers; as Public sector unions negotiate with politicians who want their votes over how to divide money that belongs to the taxpayer..... It's party1 and party2 agreeing on how to divide money from party3.
More non-partisan reaction:
-POLL: 58% support gov’t shutdown;
rather than current spending levels

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