The Day Obama Deployed Riot Police on a Tea Party singing God Bless America (2010)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

What cute people in Quincy, Illinois... I really must have missed this video last year... What a riot!

More video of the families, children & seniors...
Looks like Koch brothers are nowhere in sight... Haha!

Today's News...
-Tea Partiers Counter-Protest Govt Union 'Lobby Day'
On the sidewalk across the snowy Lansing street, about 40 individuals associated with different Tea Party groups stood in the 15-degree cold waving homemade signs and yellow rattlesnake flags...[Read]

"We’ve seen what’s happening in Wisconsin," said Jim Leffler of Kalamazoo, a member of the Southwest Michigan Tea Party Patriots.

"We’re here to let our Legislature know we support cuts in spending," he said. [Read]

On the "UNION" side..
-WI Police Union Members Threaten Insurrection:
Cornell Law Prof. W. A. Jacobson has [Video]
Hundreds of police threaten to disobey any future orders from the Government...Oh-my... They really, need to read the Bill...
-Must read: WI; Myths and Facts: [Read]
Gov. Walker simply wants to stop collecting the dues on behalf of the unions, which would leave money in the members’ paychecks to do as they [freely choose]

It is not what drama Libs are angry about. (haha)

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