America's Gov Christie on "Face the Nation" (video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) shares his stance on union rights, the education system, taxes, etc...[link]

To stop video: [Refresh]

Lib News Host, Schieffer, follows such subjects as Libya riots in the streets, and then talks about Unions protesters in the streets (US).....Paying citizens for their loyalty (Libya); and giving raises to State Police (Libya).

Schieffer mentions less about 14 Democrat Reps hiding from the budget vote; and more about Democrats wanting to vote to "raise the debt" ceiling... And as always, the Tea Party is the focus, above the President...

Yes, they ask Christie about his weight...

And in such time as "negative branding" is given to those attempts toward fiscal policy... The Governor's words were really very perfect... And right on target.

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