“Other politicians made you promises they couldn’t keep; I’m the guy who has to be here when the party is over” -Gov Christie

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Another great Christie video... As private sector businesses make serious sacrifices to impact economic recovery... The sacrifices are harshly rejected by Unions... Result: Public employee lay-off to close budget gap...
-Video ht/C of S

-Video Caption: App; Christie on Police Salaries (1/26/11): NJ Governor Chris Christie speaks about police salaries, pensions and layoffs, during a Town Hall Meeting in Middletown. VIDEO: THOMAS P. COSTELLO

With runaway salary costs, states hold huge liability for Union-backed fringe... Not a peep from Obama who is obviously choosing "election donors" over recovery of the economy...
Today's Links...
RT Boehner: Via @michellemalkin:
"Waivers for Favors...
-Big Labor’s Obamacare escape hatch." #hcrcostsjobs

RT @mattsheffield: Unions make up 40 percent of employees exempted from Obamacare

-Via @michellemalkin:
Teamsters' Obamacare waivers to date:
17; UFCW-28; IBEW-8; SEIU-7; CWA-1 mega-waiver for 19,000 workers... Where's yours?

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