Global Gov tries to freeze-out Gbagbo... "Removal by force will be illegal" - Lawyer

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

How many Nations have UN & Global Elites pushed? Most did not like their interference in Honduran affairs...
-Video: [over-view]

Image: Gbagbo -Story © [Read]
-Al Jazeera interviews Gbagbo [VIDEO]
-Gbagbo wants recount, says winner should take power. There's a reason why opposition refuses.
-US Freezes Assets of Ivory Coast's Gbagbo:
Gbagbo reveals that provisional results were marred by rebel-led intimidation… His former opponent, Mr Ouattara, banker and top International Monetary Fund official says, international backing shows he is the rightful president... [Read]

-Flashback: US Freezes Honduran Aid...
Dem-favored Zelaya also brought Hugo-inspired Militias; but Zelaya still lost his quest to alter provisions in Honduran Constitution... Letter from temp Gov: [Read]
"Regional body ECOWAS, led by economic powerhouse Nigeria also supported Ouattara's victory... While diplomats in N.Y. said Russia, whose Lukoil has exploration block in Ivory Coast; blocked the U.N. Sec. Council."

-Time to leave elections to the people; under a nation's own terms.
-VIDEO: Official backfire, Gbagbo is their reward: [View]; & [More]

Funded by the people's taxes, I'd like to see the blueprint for UN inspired Global transitions which prohibit "some nations" from oil production & food exports; while plans for mineral & agriculture are disbursed by the Global Elite....... We'll never see it... But should.

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