Christie: “Redouble our efforts to further the truth, & speak the truth to each other; if we do that, we’re going to be fine as a country" (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Chris Christie Refuses To Tone Down His Rhetoric...
Much respect for Christie's ability to see ALL Americans as equal, regardless of party affiliation; as both left and right really need to be heard... While a partisan-biased Presidency dangerously bolsters divisions, for gain...

There are no "Hero Leaders"... As then, they must be the first to let the people down... But leaders who fail to listen to the people's will, and saddle us with debt; also reduce our options for Freedom...

In that, it matters not that people are elected, but only that our Freedoms are preserved... A good reminder for ALL, that no amount of civilian unity can restore the most basic of Freedoms; once they are gone...

"Together We Thrive," funeral t-shirts originate from Obama’s campaign, "Organizing for America" [Read]

Now Obama says that he is an "American first"...
But after comforting the Sheriff who accused his "political opposition" for the shooting... His words speak constant to imagined racial & political divisions; therefore Obama has already made himself the wrong one for the job.

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