More policy fail: Obama FCC czars want "Public Value Test" to mold airwaves, campaign financing, & free Internet

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

FCC Commissioner:
"We want to test the 'public value' of every broadcast station" [read]

Hotair has the wicked video: [HERE]
And Ed says:
"No one has a “civil right” to free access to someone else’s property or product. The Internet isn’t a monopoly; it’s an interconnected series of private networks with multiple levels of competitive offerings for access to them. The FCC has no jurisdiction to redistribute private property." [read]
Zip points to Blaze's info that Obama's FCC commissioner, daughter of (crony) Dem Rep. James Clyburn; who says, "Every nappy headed child have the ability to connect, worldwide." Wasn't Imus taken off the air for that offensive reference?

Everyone knows that Internet is free at all the city libraries...
But FCC still can't wait to abridge your content... They claim to want to stop "election special interest groups."
They are a special interest group.

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