Dems wait 2 yrs to use GOP payroll tax deduction... Use "stimulus" for pay-offs

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

I expect that if the Dem Progressives prevent the free-up of our Markets by rejecting policy to incentivize LARGE job creators... Whatever is left of their party will vanish...
Dems use costly stimulus to return election favors, while ignoring GOP (no-cost) 'over-all' cut-backs & audits to trim wasteful programs.... And now we need to extend costly "unemployment" benefits, because they waited nearly 2 years to for payroll tax deduction...
Video: ACE, and Frugal Café
UPDATE: From BigFurHat #
"I hate to be rude and sarcastic, but the left is not interested in job creation. The focus of the left, until now, has been amnesty for illegals, repeal of DADT, cap and trade, climate change, health care nationalization and raising taxes.

None of these things are job creators. And it has been said many times, DC doesn’t have a revenue problem, they have a spending problem." [more]
From Hotair:
Want to balance the budget? It’s easier than we think! #
Conservatives, "Nick Gillespie and Veronica de Rugy have a proposal that not only promises to balance the budget in ten years but also does so without raising taxes or actually cutting the budget by one thin dime." :D [read]

Today's Links...
Dan Collins:
Why Unions need exemption from donations disclosure [Laws]
-Fed doesn’t want to cough up bailout docs: [read]

Despite Obama pay freeze:
Federal workers to receive $2.5 billion in raises.[read]

From Ace:
"Obama is takes credit for payroll tax cut idea and calming it is part of the concessions he got from the GOP as part of the overall agreement to keep tax rates steady but that’s simply **. [read]
Dems lost most of their seating because of voter business savvy...
Hopefully they will realize that the dream of a Utopian 1930's Regime, has been fully rejected...

"Other people's money" would rather TAKE FLIGHT, than have them DOLE it out...And after 8 million jobs lost, we need to make our nation "business friendly"...

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