Obama blames the 'shut-out' Minority GOP, for the passage of Obamacare! (video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

I guess we can be shocked at the blame in this video; but nobody is shocked at what happened to Dems who took bribes for their votes... Lending a whole new understanding of the word, "Representative."

-In my view, the bill passed in procedural violation of constitutional requirement: Article 1, Sec 7.. Is a Capitation Tax; and more.

"Playing politics" is a perfect description as Republican Healthcare ideas were kept off record; & we watched Minority Senators being shut out from the People's Constitutionally protected Representation & negotiation. [read]

But while Dems were self-absorbed; GOP Representatives Cantor, Ryan, and others, worked for months, and gave Americans formal presentations; regardless if they were disallowed or dismissed at the White House...
-Everyone remembers REID's words:
"If Republicans want to vote against a bill that reduces health care costs, fills the prescription drug ‘donut hole’ for seniors and reduces the deficit, you will have every right to do so." [read]
The Obamacare Bill raises Health Care costs, leaves RX 'holes' and strips from Seniors, as it increases the deficit... Poorly constructed (like the bailouts)... It MUST be scrapped, or its weak realities will likely bankrupt our nation!

Our Constitution pays clear reference to Tyrannical Government's constant pursuit of the same object... And while Democrat leaders used a closed door secret procedure to craft legislation to impose on Americans; we ended up losing 8 million jobs!
-Gateway has more: [read]
Today's Links...
-Obama shocked, shocked to find true political cost of ObamaCare: [read]

-Look at this...
My friend won a Congressional Seat by a wide margin... Now Democrats claim to have found 3,000 'after election' votes; and billed her for a recount! Nearly $300,00 total!

-Michelle tweets:
Michelle Malkin
RT @: 3,000 provisional ballots left to be counted in race

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