Despite our perceived prominence in the Solar System; we're but a tiny speck of dust

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US) ... [7 Videos]

Our tiny earth brings illusions that (at times) seem so vast, in such a tiny frame... But this can't matter, as soul & spirit, are infinite.
-VIDEO: [enlarge]

-VIDEO: The Day the Sun Changed [enlarge]
"An opposing force as the solar wind dropped to less than 0.1% of its normal value, and heavier ions, held back by the Sun's gravity and the Earth's magnetosphere swelled to five to six times its normal size"...

As NASA shows evidence of [giant breach] in earth's magnetic field... Continued variations in the period between Solar cycles 23 & 24, have led to much speculation... (Scientific & intuitive)

Individuals of the non-Scientific community discover images along meridian of NASA Solar image; exhibiting the shape of craft or perhaps, community...
-Video:Odd Holograms? [video]

-Space Communities trapped in Sun's orbit? -Video:[view]
This might not be good news, as travel speed and dist; their size might indicate that OUR planet is, comparably speaking, the size of a speck of dust... (Haha)

-Video: [view] No problem... USA, USA, galaxy defenders
-So how can one believe that tiny cells have no life; when you or I (a speck of dust) would try to save any sized beings from harm… :D

Video: Representations in sky; 10/22 to 10/25... [enlarge]
At night, 1,000's of representational images, visibly dance across the sky.

-Note: Driving several hours away; and will return Thursday...
Always think good thoughts... :D

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