Ruth McClung for US House -AZ, Dist 7; Physicist to impact jobs & security!

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

The young Physicist entered the Congressional Race one year ago, after her State's security & safety weakened; and productivity declined.

-Crowds shout, "Viva Ruth!" [view]
-Video: The Mission: [view]
-Read: The Platform: [here]

Ruth's defense Physicist background is not only invaluable in implementing effective and [efficient] border security... Her experience will provide positive solutions toward energy innovation, and Jobs creation...
-Ruth McClung is the most qualified leader to put her District back to work... -Please Donate: ruth4az

-Grijalva hires Chicago goons to stalk McClung [read]

@michelle Tweets Aw, yeah: Ruth McClung has open-borders radical Raul Grijalva on the run. @ruth4az
Today, Obama's "danger & hazard signs" are randomly "tacked-up" along the 300 mile border of her District; creating "no-go-zones" and points of entry by Foreign Drug cartel...

-Image: [enlarge]

White House hinder of effective border security measures by Federal Government, has endangered the lives & safety of large populations of Hispanic U.S. citizens, of Ruth McClung's District... Now facing increased incidents of murder, torture, & extortion by Armed Drug Cartel...

A security failure which places Arizona as the #1 kidnapping capital of the world, next to Mexico; with increased drug crimes draining funds from her District's budget; and destroying AZ Citizen's opportunity...

Ruth McClung is committed to Lives and Liberty; and is poised to reverse her District's estimated, 20% unemployment!

-Michelle posts that her opponent, Raul Grijalva, has been called the best Congressman Mexico ever had... [read more].. Adios Grijalva!

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