DioGuardi takes Gillibrand to task for shorts at Countrywide; as she assisted key perpetrators of subprime legislation

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

In this video, Candidate Joe DioGuardi nails Gillibrand on subprime crisis; and not only in helping its start under Andrew Cuomo; but also profiting from it!

She basically denies Cuomo's part in creating the subprime disaster... But view this shocking video (1998) of Cuomo; in his own words, showing clearly the extent of his part; which led to destruction of our Mortgage Markets! (ht/hotair)

Giving risky non-qualify loans, with willful awareness of the incident of default-rate; was instrument in the crisis, and collapse of the housing Markets...
-This MUST be addressed.

U.S. Senate Candidate, former Congressman, Joe DioGuardi; is author of [FASAB], and [CFO Act]; Founder & President of [truthingovernment]....

-Video: The Mission: [view]
-Read: The Platform: [here]

His commitment to drive the Federal Government to be more fiscally responsible; is unparalleled; as Gillibrand's record shows support for every Obama big-spending scheme....

Stay tuned for the next debate on Thursday, Oct. 21 in Troy.

-Donate: DioGuardi Campaign

-What's the next citizen fleece? Cap and Trade?
New York was once a great and prosperous State, in our Nation...
Now New Yorkers are likely to live in over-taxed poverty... But taking steps of correction, will prevent the next fiscal disaster...

Today's Links...
-Video: Congressman DioGuardi at (FASB) for fiscal sustainability: [view]
DioGuardi, Seen here, at a hearing for Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) describing the reforms still needed to correct the problems in federal budgeting, accounting and reporting...

-Video: DioGuardi warns students about "lost generation" [view]
View (2-min) segment at Fordham; DioGuardi has student following!

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