Dan Mitchell: It's simple to balance budget w/out higher taxes; Update: McMahon's, 'How do you create a job', video.

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

"Put a hard cap on spending, the budget would naturally balance itself in five years — with the Bush tax cuts still in place. The only reason to raise taxes is to allow Congress to spend more." -From Ed Morrissey.

Ed posts this video from Dan Mitchell (CATO Institute)
Center for Freedom and Prosperity.

Dan sheds more light on taxation:
"The budget can be balanced very quickly by simply limiting the annual growth of federal spending." Great Video (as always)
-Dan Mitchell Library [view]

NOTE: Clinton years required Conservative Majority Congress...
-Conservatives return NOV; w/ (I) Dan for US 'fiscal' treasury. :D

Meanwhile, Democrats remain in direct conflict with their "it doesn't trickle-down" Mission statement... It's crystal clear, by now, that they haven't the slightest understanding on what it takes to create a job...

-Update! (R) McMahon stumps (D) Blumenthal w/ Jobs question...
-From ACE & Laura; video election debate...
"Did Linda McMahon Just Win the Race?" #

As U.S. business continues to take a toll via Government Bloat... My view:
Tax and Spend 'Government misery' is sooo over.. And for Connecticut sake; so will be Blumenthal's run...

Today's Links...
From Michelle M:
Today's #obamajobsdeathtoll RT @gopconference: EPA Plows Ahead with Backdoor National Energy Tax

-We managed to delay more HORROR Policy, with Lawsuit...
"A new power that shareholders were to be given in the coming year - allowing them to propose board members to public companies - will be delayed because of a lawsuit from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce."

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