Cameraman strolls trash, left for 'nannies'

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Mr. K describes the Tea Party Rally: "First revolution in recorded history that picked up its own trash." #

This proved not to be the case, as evidenced in the video aftermath of the Left's Oct 2nd, "One Nation Rally"... Even with the back-ground noise of denials... Here's what the cameraman's video clearly indicates:

Video Caption: "After lobbying hard for policies that successfully trashed our economy, the Unions got together to celebrate (especially the unions whose ponzi pension programs were bailed out---again---by taxpayers not even born yet).
So what did they do?
They trashed the National Mall.

Gee, thanks Unions. You shouldn't have.
No really....you shouldn't have."

Today's Links...
Tale of Two Rallies--
"One Nation" Socialists Trash Mall While Conservatives Left it Pristine
-VIDEO captures it clearly: [view]

News the Old Media Won’t Tell You...
More trash at one sparsely attended left-wing rally than at All the Tea Parties around the country in a Year and a Half: [read]
(ht/@Cape republican)

From gateway...
HIGH SCHOOL KIDS are forced to attend One Nation rally...

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