Ramming through 70% opposed legislation; & then criticizing private businesses by name..

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Obama finds time to lecture us about divisiveness...
"Borrowing" a line from Christie?

Obama: "I’m Always Suspicious of Politics Dividing People Instead of Bringing Them Together"... While campaigning for the Mid-terms, near Mexico's border; the hand-picked are dwarfed against an overwhelming opposition to dangerous open/ border crime.

In other news...
Democrats avoid their own constituents, as they scattering ship to avoid citizen inquiry, and (2010) policy clarifications...
Video (h/t

Progressives get squeamish at the sounds of their own book quotes being repeated back...
Clearly opting for "scripted interviews" with OLD (Gov sponsored) MEDIA; rather than rising stars, such as, and
(Rolling $tone? ..No prob.)

Today's Links...
About Obama's "Bush Billionaire Tax-cut" Claim...
IRS Can’t Verify Obama Claim that Bush Tax Cuts Go to Americans Making ‘Up to More than a Billion’ [read]
"We wouldn’t produce that... That would not be something we would ever release. We would not do that."

-Massive Conspiracy To Defraud The Vote In Houston Conducted By Company... Connected To Obama Activist: [read]

-Big Labor, not Tea Party, is workers’ worst enemy: [read]

-Current Member off Obama's Fiscal Responsibility Commission
Former SEIU prez Andy Stern, under FBI investigation: [read]


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