Defense Saboteur Reid, stacks controversial Legislation onto our Troop’s Defense Bill

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

So if the Tax and business restrictions do not impoverish the earners... Democrat Majority defense abuse will finish the job...

Tension as Defense bill's fate in limbo
Honest Abe once spoke about this...

Reid stacks foreign "Dream Act" onto the defense Bill... Along with unsettling gay policies, as a part of odd "political posturing" for Nov 2nd... (Which will achieve the exact opposite)

One cannot help but see at how Obama Administration's financial policies "liquidate Jobs"... And lax border contingencies, "liquidate security."

Yet one cannot help but cringe at the odd comparison... As "emancipation" is to free from bondage, oppression, or restraint; where-by frees someone from the control of another...

And two years later, Democrats FORCE trillions in (party-line) debt, and worthless SERF-policy...

Democrats create dangerously changing landscape...
As Mexican Military's armed choppers fly over-head our Southern border U.S. cities... Democrats say, "We're doing as much (if not more) than the previous Administrations"...

Even Militants make the connection that Dem's over-all games with defense, and treasonous policy, have enabled swaths of U.S. "no-go" zones.

Amidst liberal border security; Mexican narcistas kill 7th mayor this year in brazen day attack, target journalists; Maras massacre 18 factory workers in Honduras. [read]

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