Beautiful Bahrain, the pearl of the Gulf; under threat by an oyster of ciaos

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Favorably described by Amnesty Int'l as representing an 'historic period for human rights' (1999); King Hamad ibn Isa al-Khalifah remains a well respected Sunni leader, in the Gulf, and beyond... (Photo\BNA)
-Now embroiled by a Majority Shiite uprising.

Bahraini parliament joins in International Day of Democracy
-2010 celebrations
Bahrain News Agency - ‎13 hours ago‎
15 (BNA) To mark the International Day of Democracy 2010, the Bahraini parliament issued today a statement in which it stressed the importance of democratic values and their growing effects on all political, social and economic levels. [read]

-While I believe that good-will has been reached in the region. [read]
An old 2009 video shows a rise in activism, as Shiite Majority accuse the Minority Bahrain of discrimination; as Shiites seek more control of Government...

It should be noted that this is no guarantee of satisfaction; as U.S. Democrats held Governmental Majority for FOUR YEARS; yet still blame all of their policy decisions, on the Conservative Minority.

There could be more than one answer...
News Media paints a serious contrast, though if one considers the enormous 'ill treatment' of Sunni Minority in neighboring Iran... If I were Monarch, I would conduct a study to examine the feasibility of a cooperative citizen swap...

-Of course, the obvious conclusion will undoubtedly find that Sunnis make better leaders... Therefore more Citizens will prefer to live amidst their leadership. -Also similarities with U.S. Conservative Minority. :#

Curious... This from a rights activist group:
"As a consequence of this striking incongruity between monarchy and citizenry, and to ensure the continuity of dynastic rule – aided in no small part by the United State's Fifth Fleet headquartered in the capital Manama (---)"

The Fifth Fleet Aiding in Discrimination?? (Haha)
With a long relationship with one of our best allies, the U.S. Navy helps Bahrain keep essential water-ways open for oil exports... Home of the Fifth Fleet, whose ships patrol the Gulf and adjacent waters...

If anything, discrimination cases, via human rights groups, are sometimes sponsored by neighboring handlers (including press operations)... Even ciaos in Mexico, one needs only to examine the foreign interference...

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