Philosophy, Physics, Mathematics - “Dangerous Knowledge”

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Curiously odd little video....
The infinite exists in consciousness... And in search of the last equation, several theories of mathematical principal have tortured Scientists for centuries... They searched for the size of infinity, and found immeasurability... And then came face-to-face with..... FAITH.

Driven (apparently) to the brink of insanity... :D
[Video: 1:29:01]

Later, Scientists would lighten-up on the principals of certainty...
And move toward probability... Viola! The law of thermodynamics..

Pierre de Fermat is credited with carrying out the first ever rigorous probability calculation... In it, he was asked by a professional gambler why if he bet on rolling at least one six in four throws of a die he won in the long term, whereas betting on throwing at least one double-six in 24 throws of two dice resulted in him losing...

Fermat subsequently proved why this was the case, mathematically.
Fermat Principal.

Explanation: The function mapping a point in the sample space to the "probability" value is called a probability mass function... The modern definition does not try to answer how probability mass functions are obtained; instead it builds a theory that assumes their existence... More later.
Probability Theory.

Wow, what is the probability that it also just happens to be the anniversary of the date of his birthday, today!! (17 August 1601 or 1607/8) ....But there is some question as to the probability of the year of his birth? :D (haha)

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