Now, who was it again who's extreme?

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

-Glad Obama liked that 2000 (Conservative Congress) surplus.

With Soros, leftists, and their (over 500) secret Tax-payer funded programs... Four years of Democrat Majority is draining the life out of our Nation... Now their vision for the United States, is "food & fuel insecurity"... And as leftist policy takes its sharp Marxist turn... The only way back is, Fiscal Conservative!

Today's Links...
-Americans Ceding Sovereignty through Food Policy:
-Democrat bill to place WTO in control of US Agriculture: Read.
- Prohibits private growth of food = food insecurity.

-Democrats outsource high margin, high intellectual property work;
-Destroy U.S. jobs & earnings; push to import foreign workers:

-Obama Asked Bush to Seek TARP Funds From Congress: Read!
-TARP came in a flurry of messages and phone calls from Obama’s team to the Bush administration... Jan 12th.

-TARP money helped bail out the world, oversight panel says: #
Aug 12, 2010... "The result appears to be that America's rescue had a much greater impact on other nations than their rescue programs had on the United States," Warren said. Read.

-American Socialists release names of 70 Congressional Democrats in Their Caucus: Read.. -VIDEO: Just Like Old Times: View.

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