The Road Trip in search of America

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Image: Mount Vernon "Home of George Washington"
Courtesy: Mount Vernon Ladies' Assoc.

-Mount Vernon Greenhouse: carlisleflowers

Life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness; endowed by our creator...
Video: Authors travel in footsteps of the founders, in Search of America.
Revolutionary Road Trip; Via: NutGraf Productions

Also searching for the Constitution, designed to protect its citizens from enlarging and out-of-control Government; absent foreign invasions, and Taxation without representation...

We know we'll find it (and soon) or it will surely have to be resurrected... As it was before, nothing less; and with more Liberty loving people to celebrate it with...

-History- 1497-1763: VIEW.
After what we have been through; our worst days should be behind us.

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