Old Glory: First Flag to Enter New Solar-system

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

NASA: 1977 Prepping Voyager 1; for successful journey

-Images: Voyager 1 Photo Legacy: VIEW.

Jul 04, 2010... NewHorizons2015: Go NH team! Our onboard computer reset itself Friday, a rare event. The operations team had us safely back on timeline in just over a day! ...Kept on path to Pluto.
The farther most controlled distance, leaving Earth's gravity...

NewHorizons adventure continues
Visit NASA's:
New Horizons Site
Video: 2010: Halfway to Pluto

-Video- NASA: Barbay Live

-The spaceflying American flag is a not a huge version of Old Glory, but will be the only one flying more than 10.5 billion miles (16.9 billion km) from Earth this Fourth of July. It is riding on Voyager 1, a 33-year-old space probe on the outskirts of our solar system.

Image: NASA: Voyager's 1 & 2; [Enlarge]

Another far-flung American flag is flying on Voyager 2, which is about 8.6 billion miles (13.8 billion km) from Earth. Both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 are on trajectories to leave the solar system behind after passing through a magnetic bubble-like region called the heliosphere. Read more.

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