In a world without people...

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France)

Evidently, without people, there's no one to preform maintenance... Nature executes its hostile take-over... And after the echo of laughing children; you get this sensationalist (Gore-style) video... (Creepy)

Image: "Parrot Duo" -by Tonyq

Video estimates that 50 years later, parrots will continue our conversation...
More later... (Unexpectedly in France) Have a nice day.... ;#

PS: Should the above video be a tad bit negative...
Here's a "cheery" little GREENPEACE video: VIEW!
Yes, I said "Cheery"...

Today’s Links…
At AceHQ:
“Double Rainbow VIDEO: VIEW.

From Breitbart:
Fish talk to each other, researcher finds: Read.
Purelogic says:
"Look what that Obama's incompetence is doing to our cousins in the Gulf."

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