What the "H" is happening to our Nation?!

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Notice a change in economical policy?? The most logical observation is that Democrats appear to be attempting to decrease the value of unfunded DEBT... Hence the monstrously flawed perspective that "spending" can reduce debt?
Image: 'LonChangey'

UPDATE: Democrats are tied to outcomes, therefore will not allow the private sector (of their favored) its natural process of liquidation of debt (loss) eliminate the malinvestment still in the system... Just returned (travel) more later...

Equally, a companion (Vintage) perspective: C/C observation
-via: Van Helsing at moonbattery also (bigfurhat)

Sorry to use the "H" letter...
But like a shoe, the maddness fits; with over 89% not wanting to wear it... (more added later)

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