Nations, gifts, & ties; while al-Qaeda Leadership links to regional franchises

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

As long as you know that the mix of countries entwined in business dealings, as are gifted with support; so too become a link to ideologist insurgence funding.
Site link revealing $gifts, not added, nor is it regional friendly...
(vision below) A time for looking ahead...
Tehran aiding al Qaeda links, Petraeus says: #
General Petraeus testified that Iran is assisting al-Qaeda leadership maintain links to regional franchises, a reminder that the principal threat from Iran remains terrorism and not the more widely argued nuclear tension.

On Tehran's ties to al Qaeda, Gen. Petraeus said the group "continues to use Iran as a key facilitation hub, where facilitators connect al Qaedas senior leadership to regional affiliates." read more.

Iran, Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Venezuela and Zimbabwe are members of the Group....

May 16, 2010: Hezbollah Leader Calls for ‘Islamic United States’ #
They're not talking about U.S.A... They mean Middle East
TEHRAN, Iran — A radical cleric called Saturday for the creation of a “Greater Iran” that would rule over the entire Middle East and Central Asia, in an event that he said would herald the coming of Islam’s expected messiah. #

Be cautious.... As efforts take-on a direction of revenge and defiance; I see a winding road of rebellious proxies... Where deception, power struggle, and massive corruption makes it reach both in dangerous domination of people who do not share the exact sect of beliefs; to hold them in compromised position.

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