Reversing direction, before Dems grow "same big Gov Welfare State implosion" as evidenced in Greece (etc) Video: Sen. Ryan

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & USA)

View (Jim Holt) gatewaypundit's REP Paul Ryan VIDEO.

But the Leftist Hacks who spin "Socialist Wonder" gloss-over news such as Hugo's 30% inflation; and how the days of hand-outs have reached a crippling "growth halting finale" in every country of implementation...

Now he appears to be in agreement with Sen. (R) Paul Ryan on the issue of trying to avert Dem's massive big Govt Dem "Welfare State" goals...ETC.
In this interview...

Obama claims that Technology is dangerous... Go figure, lack of Media coverage gave us this Presidency... And even though Leftist Media Correspondent Ratigan (MSNBC) called Tea Partiers terrorists...

It is truly one of the worst lies... Uncontrollable riots can be traced to groups who are promised Free, by Governments who can no longer deliver... And every area of a collapsing U.S. State can be traced down to over-distribution of entitlement policy...

How many times have we had to explain that we need to incentivize EARNERS of Society... instead of adopting and empowering unsustainable policy-fail! And not by increasing TAXATION; but by lifting restrictive policy...

We already have incentive programs, which encourage productivity for the poor; being replaced by massive Liberal entitlement programs, which create dependence, and destroy the muscle of small business earners...

It is the duty of ALL U.S. Citizens to prevent a carbon copy of the same "Int'l Welfare States" that have now run their course in Europe... And do not re-elect a Party which builds disparities within Society, proven to cause long-term security defects......VOTE THIS OUT!

Today's Links...
From AceHQ:
EU President: euro-socialism is on the verge of collapse #
...EU president Van Rompuy warned that the bloc risks irrelevance and the end of its expensive welfare programs if it can't speed up economic growth, forecast to expand by just 1 percent this year... More.

And also at Ace:
NYT: Greece's Economic Salvation Can Only Come By Privatizing Health Care and Laying Off Thousands Of Unneeded Government Workers READ.
Great, Greece is doing the Tea-Party Conservative Strategy, we'll be fully implementing in 2010/12... But vote-out the Socialists. They swipe impede recovery.

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