Obama’s "clean up of other’s messes, rant" becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

ISS view of BP Gulf spill (now disaster)
Image: NASA’s Terra satellite
-BP Exploration Plan: [PDF] The exemption of safeguards; and B.O's botched & ill-prepared response... A 'spiral out of control' meant "no more drilling."

Today we have man-made disasters which legislate farm land into Liberal dust bowls... Moving the United States closer to food insecurity, and further jobs-depletion; as a logical effect of a deepening collusion of Int'l interests.

Video: House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (Ind.) weighs-in with criticism of the response to events. The botching of the American energy Act, omitting essential equipment required for region; as B.O. continues to display an historic level of amateurism.

The Gulf accounts for about 40 percent of U.S. production, with about 3,500 active wells in the Gulf. There are about 120 mobile offshore floating rigs and 50 fixed rigs able to operate down to depths of 10,000 feet below the sea surface... #

Oil-industry analyst ODS-Petrodata says about two-thirds of the mobile rigs and half of the fixed platforms are working. Several offshore rigs near the site of the accident were shut down as a precaution in late April. Read.

If you will remember, the Dutch oil spill response team on standby for US oil disaster... This was from May 4th!
"They skim the oil and return the water to the sea. Apparently the EPA doesn’t allow it since the water returned does contain some residual oil."

But where was the EPA when Obama signed the BP’s project, exempted from requiring an environmental impact study or constructed Model, April, 2009?
With checks & balances; more would be required for approval...

From the Dutch site: US regulations contradictory #
"Wierd Koops thinks the US approach is nonsense, because otherwise you would have to store the surplus seawater in the tanks as well."

"We say no, you have to get as much oil as possible into the storage tanks and as little water as possible. So we pump the water, which contains drops of oil, back overboard." Read.

US regulations are contradictory, Mr Knoops stresses. Pumping water back into the sea with oil residue is not allowed. But you are allowed to combat the spill with chemicals so that the oil dissolves in the seawater. In both cases, the dissolved oil is naturally broken down quite quickly.

It is possible the Americans will opt for the Dutch method as the damage the oil spill could cause to the mud flats and salt marshes along the coast is much worse, warns Wetland expert Hans Revier.

"You have to make sure you clear up the oil at sea. As soon as the oil reaches the mud flats and salt marshes, it is too late. The only thing you can do then is dig it up... But then the solution is worse than the problem." #

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