Randomness of earth-crust formation; & simple plate boundary overview video

-Posted by D. C. Worth; for M. Barbay (France & US)

Map shows varying motion of the plates, which represent a multitude of factors influencing land quakes, from oceanic plate-shifts and rifts.
-Examine: non-commutative algebra e.g., quaternions, gauge theory
-Research: Y. Y. Kagan; & Geller et al, (Randomness)

-Or view Simple Plate Boundary Overview below...(Music optional)
Interesting links from top Scientists around the globe (below video)

-UPDATE: 7.8 Quake Strikes Northern Sumatra, Indonesia: VIDEO

Compilation of Links of study show why:
-Article: Quakes Cannot Be Predicted.

-Earlier Summary: The use of tensor analysis, matrix theory, group theory, topology, and theory of stochastic processes must be involved in translating points of probability; but I actually do believe that earth's renewal is random; & perhaps not even an ice-age would slow earth natural formation of crust.

Note: I'm sure that there's more than one 'double-negative' here; but one might ask, does earth "feel" for humans? We're visitors; mountains grow & stay.

F. Mulargia Dipartimento di Fisica, Settore di Geofisica, Universita di Bologna... D. D. Jackson and Y. Y. Kagan Department of Earth and Space Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles... And, R. J. Geller at (Geller Site) at Dept ESS (UCLA), Faculty of Science, Tokyo University.

Earthquake Science and Seismic Risk Reduction: Read.
(F. Mulargia and R.J. Geller)

-Insights on Surface Wave Dispersion and H/V Curves:
Joint Inversion via Pareto Optimality

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