NASA's (ERA-Project) Blended wing body completes Phase-1Tests; for quieter, cleaner, fuel-efficient, plane of the future

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

X-48B: Eighty Flights, Priceless Facts: #...04.05.10
"The third and most important objectives were limiter assaults, in which the remote pilot deliberately exceeded the defined boundaries of controllability – such as angle of attack, sideslip angle and acceleration -- to see whether the airplane's computer could keep it flying steady...

Eight flight tests validated the programmed limiters and gave the team confidence that a robust, versatile, and safe control system could be developed for such an aircraft!" Read full.

NASAtelevisionApril 06, 2010

Caption:NASA Dryden, Air Force Research Laboratory & Boeing Phantom Works team has finished its 1st phase of flight tests on subscale X-48B blended wing body aircraft at Dryden Flight Research Center. [*Start: 2006]

-NASA's Gray Creech writes: #
"Tests with the X-48B will continue later this year, after a new flight computer is installed and checked out. The next series of flight tests will focus on additional parameter identification investigations."

"NASA has a second hybrid wing body aircraft, the X-48C, which it has modified for a noise profile even lower than the X-48B's, and is preparing for test flights to investigate other controllability factors." Read.
Crash-resistant... My kind of plane. :#

-NASA's Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA Project)
*Note: Demonstrator began ground checkout (NASA Dryden; 2006)
- SeattlePI: Gallery.

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-NASA morphing aircraft: VIEW.
theworacle — NASA computer animation intended to illustrate the concept of a morphing, or shape-changing, aircraft (older video)

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