'Faint' memories of an endless campaign

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

(Image: © EPA)
Youth lost jobs & decade: Ill-timed Dem policy Read.
At Obama-bot gathering, child looks unimpressed.

Much disillusionment, as tax/spend Govt-expansions, SWELL!
Promises of TRIM, turn "TURBO SPEND" & no fiscal policy in sight!
Now, the longest campaign in U.S. History!

Video: The Campaign; "Appealing to bleeding hearts"...

Democrats could have played this rather nicely by trimming expenses, opening up restrictions, to enable affordability, and competition... Empowering 89% of American small business job creators; instead of piling-on trillions in new Govt dependence, and debt...

They could have chosen GOP ideas for correcting the 17% Insurance problem; rather than adding trillions in Healthcare commitments that nobody wants... And could have minimized "threats" of Cap & trade inflation, and hidden VAT Tax... (All proven job killers!)

But noooo, these mistakes remain the cornerstone of Dem's policy; as they 'take from earners' to build that which brings no earning to the economy... Just subservience...

-Time to reign in Govt expansions, empower the private sector; and trim wasteful bureaucracies... -VOTE THEM OUT 2010/12!

Today's Links...
Here we go... The Left of unintended consequences...
Sallie Mae Blames 2,500 Layoffs on Obama's Student Loan Overhaul ##
"The student loan provisions buried in the health care legislation intentionally eliminate valuable default prevention services and private sector jobs at a time when our country can least afford to lose them," says Casillas VIEW.

Obama Recession and America’s Youth:
2007 Dem Majority's PUSH to raise minimum wage, during the onslaught of a recession; Now plunge youth into deeper uncertainty. Read.

Instead of just moving to Europe...
Democrats push wrong policy onto Americans... Read.
In a Nation of vast travel; Govt Kill-cars; wrong for family transport!

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