Obama Recession & America’s Youth; we need (non-Gov job) stability; or election call

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Gateway shows graph fromWSJ, and Carp Diem; which, through ill-timed policy such as 2007 Dem Majority's rush to raise minimum wage, during the onslaught of a recession; plunged youth into deeper uncertainty. Read.

In my observation... Dem Majority miscalculated the priorities for recovery; while focusing on other policy, other countries, and "voter" groups... Their special interests came before the next generation of America's future... Made worse by growing the size of Government; while job killing policy & uncertainty weighed against our youngest successes.

Video: Experts explain why the current crop of youth during Obama Recession are unequipped to face today’s job market... Columbia economics professor Till Von Wachter describes the harder-hitting effects on young workers.

Again... Dem Majority does not understand that MORE Government workers pull MORE money from the private sector; which negatively impacts State's budgets... In turn, this places further harm upon youth.

The urgency of putting this in check, does not mean organizing their lives; it means stemming job loss by balancing spending, which encourages job creators to successfully stabilize employment... But if Democrats continue their ill-timed policy, I fear that youth will loose a "second" decade of productivity!

SUMMARY: A time-line MUST be given by this Administration, for the stemming of employment loss... or a NEW election should be called in... This has become a National Security issue; and must be addressed as such... There should be a two year moratorium on deficit spending; off-set by deep cuts; and much deeper incentives, via 10% tax-rate for job creators...

-Federal pay surpasses private sector: Hotair.

As I continue with law school, I am fully committed to improving the lives of the next generation; and will do everything in my power to PREVENT further peril they might face; if this continues...

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