Video shows Reagan arriving to clean-up same 'liberty/Econ-kill' policies, of today

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

I missed the Reagan years, brought on to stem the massive loony rise of inflation, reduced freedoms, no-energy-energy policy, elevated tax...
No problem... "It's back again!"...

-History repeats, as indicated in this video!

But now over 160 million citizens have Reagans like Sen Ryan, Sen McCotter, Sen Cantor, Sen De Mint, J.D. Hayworth and Chuck DeVore, and many, many, more... This time, leftist's bribery & unlawful procedure sparks legal groups joining States, in the defense of our Constitution; and liberties enshrined within!

-When it crosses the line, it crosses the line.
They made laws to preserve self-rule...
-And our fight against "rulership" a 'legal' one, today...

-VIDEO: The Declaration: 'Too Late to Apopogize'

From Matt....
-20 Ways ObamaCare Will Take Away Freedoms: Read.
-12 (now 13) States File Lawsuits Against Mandatory Insurance: More.
*Note: 33 states have already taken steps to challenge various aspects of Obamacare, including its unprecedented mandate, thrust upon; to broaden Washington-based central planning. (more later)
-CBS: Pelosi's favorable ratings 11%, Reid at 8%...Read.

-VIDEO: What has this come to:
Americans do not want this! VIEW TO END.

-UPDATE: Video: Ladies of the View (parody) VIDEO ...Haha
-View Future Govt HealthCare: VIDEO.

Hot air:
-Rulers, not servants exempt from ObamaCare mandates

Note: Dems could have distributed the wealth from GE's 18%+ profit on manufacture and sales of medical equipment Insurance Co's are paying for; in order to off-set the 3% Insurance Co. profit margin; lower rates/widen coverage (no cost.)
-But no...GE is a huge donor to the Democratic Party...

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