By force, and not freedom; Update: with video remarks on "Change"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Democrats retreat from policy which preserves Liberty & prosperity, forcing a state budget-busting Bill; absent necessary tort reform.

-Trial Lawyers: Democrats' Other Money Machine:
James Copland, Washington Examiner, 2.10.2010 More.
-How the Plaintiffs Bar Bought the Senate: Read.
WSJ; James Copland (02-09-10)

Gateway posts: Floor Remarks: Sen Thaddeus McCotter:
-And points to: Transcript. ...(Must view, brilliant Patriot.)

Bad Laws and Unintended Consequences, part 1.
"When the government merely asserted jurisdiction over commerce in material things, it still hadn’t asserted itself over your very existence – but because the care of your body is the care of your very self, and because everyone at some time needs healthcare services, the government has now made that leap to absolute rule." Read.

Point of Law writes:
"The reason will not be the survival of ObamaCare. It is, I think, a poorly conceived proposal that will do more harm than good. As written, it seems likely to fail and, if not abandoned, may well lead to a single payer system.
-But we have survived worse." Read.

The formula of totalitarian left divests a Constitutional recovery; as it yields by force, not freedom... Ours is a LEGAL battle against the rise of 'mass bureaucracy, & increased coercion'... We've just begun.

Examine, as the current administration brands citizens as "reactionary" who stand to uphold our Constitutional principals!

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