Sen Brown (R-MA) pursues path of the people; 1st Senate act: $80 bil Tax-cut

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

If this were adopted in all 50 states, along with predictable "business friendly" policy; we would see a huge bounce toward recovery... In this video Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) appears for the 1st time in the Senate; to introduce his:
"Immediate Tax Relief for America's Workers" Amendment: 3/4/2010.

A difficult maneuver amidst (Pro-Tax) Democrat Majority... It passed!

3/13/10 - Today, Sen. Scott Brown Delivers (5 Min) Message on Health Care...
Gateway has the VIDEO (& transcript) HERE.

At a time when Constitutional ethics were worth standing up for...
Mr. Byrd, we need you to STAND UP FOR THE CONSTITION (again.)
-HT:Naked Emperor News.

-VIDEO: A month ago: "Reid theater" at it's worst. View Here.

The obama team is blind in it's insane push!... (From WND)
"That two movements of this kind – one fighting for individual rights and self-government under the Constitution and the other for states' rights and state sovereignty under the Constitution – is not only historic, it's the roadmap to victory and liberty and possibly another 100 years of U.S. prosperity."

Humm... Loosing Millions of jobs, while trying to create 400,000; which will invariably cause more job loss and raise of tax & premiums?

Today’s Links…
-"ER visits, costs in Mass. (Gov. H.C.) Climb:
Questions raised about healthcare law's impact on overuse. Read.

Gallup: Health care not a top priority for Americans: #
"The best that Democrats could do for themselves is to kill the bill and start looking for cuts in federal spending." Hotair.

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