California is 12% of US population; & 32% of our entire Nation's 'welfare caseload'

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

California is also the U.S. template for, BAD State policy...
We implemented Obama's 'job-killing' global warming policy; shed jobs, and Democrats off-set this with: Mass entry of welfare recipients??

Two Videos, two Conservative candidates (one solution)

First Candidate is my choice... (R) Congressmen Chuck DeVore...
Intelligent, Constitutionally principled; holds strong family values...
And a Patriot that has already served our Nation...

-VIEW Full (Reason TV interview) HERE.
-Chuck DeVore answers quick question on foreign policy..(1.33)

When comparing the prosperous Republican state of Texas; Congressman De Vore, cites the successes of our 2nd largest State of Texas; of which has 70% the population of California… -Full VIDEO.

-The second Candidate... Carly Fiorina. (Choice #2)
-HT: Big Government; She's touted as being a "true fiscal conservative"

A dominantly left-leaning state, California's problems are just as complex... Years of trying to correct State problems, with MASS Gov. intervention... Eventually, they've fully crippled our State!
-California needs LESS Gov, LESS Social hand-outs; & ZERO Boxer!

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