A Gov Health "Control" plan, so great it needs bribes, to ram it through against the will of the people?

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)


In my view, Dem Leadership has lost the American people due to on-going backroom deals, aptly named. "political Chicanery"... And for this reason, most believe that failure to focus entirely on job creation may be intentional... That is, a plan to make more uninsured... Or an agenda that once again, has nothing to do with U.S. citizens.

VIDEO: Pence on"America Live" with Megyn Kelly VIEW.

My reflection: We've done the math, viewed the failed "mini-mocks" of Socialized Healthcare in a couple of our states... We already know that
GOV take-over will cause the 79% already Insured, to pay significantly more, for inaccessible and rationed healthcare...

Just a few adjustments, such as limiting the threat from trial lawyers, and adding more competition, would enable greater access & affordability to the uninsured.

Gateway says:
"Related… Scott Brown’s first legislative proposal is ‘Immediate Tax Relief Act for America’s Workers’ amendment.

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