1 year of regime threats & rules-change uncertainty; a closer look at the stimulus

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

An economy cycle where-by our Gov rewarded losers, and penalized legitimate business.

And then created a financial stroking contest to build a loyalist Media... And it's all on tape.
-Focus shifts from first stimulus to second: Read.
-Rasmussen: Only 21% say Fed have Consent of Governed: View.

Anniversary of the stimulus finds MEDIA outlets with enormous benefit from the legislation; while millions of Taxable jobs are shed from the private sector; resulting in a smaller Taxed public; now on the hook to pay for tens of thousands of NEW Government employees...

-Ht: Story Balloon and more at: Hotair.
The Obama set of job numbers, that just don't add up...

Video sheds light on the contributing factors of stabilization, post econ-cycle.. This, after Federal Reserve & central banks inject 30 trillion into the economy.

Dems Refused Alternatives to Spending: GRAPH.
"New rules in the middle of the stream; as regime uncertainty creates a spiral of protectionist Job cuts... Leaving a huge 94% of our economy with a lack of confidence in GOV handling of the stimulus... I say cancel the unused portion, make deep cuts; and reduce Tax-pressure; to stabilize the dollar...

Today's Links...
VIDEO: Five Key Reasons to Reject Class-Warfare Tax Policy VIEW!
Must view distinctions that Obama Admin should View!

VIDEO: Stimulus II: A Sequel America Can't Afford: VIEW.
Another insightful Video, from Dan Mitchell of Center for Freedom & Prosperity -At the CATO.

After Obama Attacks the heart of Nevada State Economy:
Las Vegas Mayor Goodman rejects Obama invitation: Read.

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