Stimulus II: A Sequel America Can't Afford

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Another insightful Video from Dan Mitchell of Center for Freedom & Prosperity -At the CATO.

My loyalty lies with our Constitution, and retaining the free principals of which it was founded... And more-over, our Nation's survival will also take priority over any political party... This Video does not take the side of a partisan view; but rather offers realistic assessment to the best interests of the Country.

My view... Another stimulus would be absolute FOLLY... I am seeing that Constitutional Conservatives (either center or right) share this view....
Dan explains why...

Labor Department numbers show that the Obama Administrations $787 billion stimulus was a flop. Instead of holding the unemployment rate at 8 percent or below, the jobless rate soared to 10 percent.

Now there is discussion of second so-called stimulus, which politicians are calling a jobs bill. But making government bigger, this CF&P Foundation video explains, is a recipe for long-run stagnation and lower living standards, regardless of what the policy is named... Visit: C F & P.

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