Sunday (misc. links)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

On travel tomorrow, will update soon. Image (left) Butterscotch (circa 06)

A few VIDEOS (new window)
-La TV promueve:
la violencia!
-Climber Rescues Kitten
-Lovely & Artistic: CATS.
-Cats pre-Ballet: VIEW

Image: Nap-time

Today's Unrelated Link...
VIDEO: Parody (Massachusetts) VIEW.
Downfall concerning special election for Massachusetts Senate seat.

Old images I snapped, before camera landed in the sand...
This one: Butterscotch; Spring Collection-06...

"Butterscotch models this Lovely sequined gown with lavender plume by Christian Lacroix.. Makeup & hair, styled by "The Feline Groomers"
Have a nice day; keep up the good thoughts.
-Cats in the snow: View.(ht/ace)

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