Day 3: Amidst rescues, Haiti's bravery is strong testament to independence

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Image: Two 270-foot Coast Guard Cutters have remained offshore since 1/13; Coming soon... Fleets such as USS Comfort; will expand patient care. [ENLARGE]

U.S. Liberal Media is finally airing positive news of our troops; and this is good... but their news story (video) forgets other Int'l efforts, such as France, who has also sent many Medical experts... All work with U.S. Coast Guard and Haitian Nationals, to free the many who are still trapped... Italy, S. Korea, UAE, join the many significant contributions...

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I am hoping that as soon as the injured enter floating hospitals, there will be less intervention by News Media... Haitians should have the same right to dignity, privacy, and confidentiality, as all Int'l patients... Media is turning their every move into News Fodder...

And let us not lose perspective....
Washington officials prepare to shift their focus to longer-term aid: Read.
This AID should be an equal Int'l effort not to "sustain" Haiti's plight, but toward Haiti's Independence... ALL of the Int'l community should be encouraged to respect their identity, absent foreign dependence... This is everything that AID workers (now perished) stood for... And Bureaucrats should not alter...
Or use to support their politics... Alarming

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