Study/impact of proposed climate change policy and tax, upon civilian populations?

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Either the study was deleted to save space... Or they forgot to examine alternative steps with regards to the quality of life, or survival rate of the hundreds of Millions; who are now, most reluctantly forced down the UN/IPCC's unexplored path of Global financial activism...
(called climate-change)

I find myself examining in disbelief, reading dark conspiracy; because the broken and illogical Global Climate Model (now debunked) is still embraced by Governing Climate bodies, despite of the lack sufficient 'real data'.


1) Global warming scam exposed as scientific fraud; Copenhagen summit approaches, banks and governments wring hands in glee at prospect of global carbon taxes.

It's like the 'financial markets massacre' is just a sequel to a "greater plan" decided for you, implemented for you; and suddenly, no matter what idiotic things they say... You've no choice in the matter...

"It's just all just too, too, Creepy!"

Via: Gateway
Bill Clinton Tells Canadian Audience:

"Global Warming Can Make Some Places Colder"

And hey, so what if it fails to provide outlines for new tax, or its affordability; soon to be imposed upon their citizenry...
I mean... What could go wrong?

NOTE: Will add legal letter and solution, SOON...
Filed under: Stand Up for Truth...

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