Spectacular Geminids during new Moon

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Geminids Image: by Pete Lawrence (UK) (Dec. 13, 2009)
Location: Selsey, West Sussex
"The Geminids appear pretty active tonight (December 12/13). Here's one caught on camera close to the star Alphard in Hydra."

Dr. Tony Phillips says:
"The Geminid meteor shower is intensifying. According to the International Meteor Organization, dark-sky observers are now counting 40+ meteors per hour." (Has Audio on site.)

VIDEO: Off to stargaze? Cortina Freccia nel cielo...
"Cortina to Col Drusciè?" ... Maybe not. VIEW!

From Spaceweather's Gemimids Gallery:
Fireball arrives on earth as a late Geminid, two days after the peak!
Geminid fireball:
On the night of 12/12/07
(12/13/07 -0654:51)
Tom A. Warner, Rapid City, SD, USA
Keep a watch-out! (haha)

Another Large Fireball Over New Mexico
December 16, 2007 at 1059 UT ( 3:59 am MST)
All Sky Movie With Sound… Another late Geminid? ... Coming from the close vicinity of the Geminid shower radiant. LISTEN!

Natural Harmony in Grid: Geminid Sonic Movie 1:
Ashcraft's dual frequency forward scatter system
(Video and stereo sound) Full duration of scatter reflection
From December 14, 2008; 27 seconds; 1.5 MB LISTEN.

NASA: The 2009 Geminid Meteor Shower Read.

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