Lively speech to thousands of flag-waving supporters; ends in assault by opponent

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Berlusconi attacked in Milan...
Italy's P.M. waved at supporters during a People for Liberty party (PDL) meeting in Milan; just before being assaulted...More.

UPDATE: The assailant was a bricklayer with a history of mental illness. Read.
He looks a little "crazed" in this image... He'll have plenty of time to do brick work now; ha. Watch the left venomously defend him.

Image: Daylife

Initial X-rays showed injuries to two teeth, nasal, deep tissue lacerations, and loss of blood... Now hospitalized... Condemnation of the act poured in from allies and critics alike...

Video: BBC.
This could have been far worse (in my view)

PM's popularity had fallen four percentage points to just over 50 percent; as Italians fretted that his legal entanglements could distract him from government duties...

Evidence debunks recent accusations: Here; and Here.
P.M. denies any Legal wrongdoing and says legal allegations against him are part of a campaign by biased courts and "communist" magistrates to bring down his government.

My view: No matter how much those disagree; violence, as a political instrument, is the opposite of justice... But this has been a slow effort to discredit, by media opposition; much as we are seeing in U.S. by Left-Media... Eventually Media furthers incitement; and less stable of society wield bloody attacks.

VIDEOS: Michelle posts attacks in U.S...
View the line-up of attacks against the U.S. Right...HERE.
US = war on business Right; as incitement toward wealth distribution.

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