Reasons to make Gov. Role "Limited" in Health Care (One: Examine IHS)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

First reason, view first Americans. And the dance of freedom made worse by a Government who set limitations which automatically created rations... Now making the same promises to us all; that Governments cannot deliver.
Must Read (more below)

Remove restrictions on competition; grant awards for research; improve ability for education; allow people Not Pharm to dominate private decision...
Government Job description:
To improve path, not dictate dance.

(Beware of the non-public option; that is really a "public option")
Native Americans and the Public Option: Terry Anderson: -
"At a time when Americans are debating whether to give the government in Washington more control over their health care, some of the nation's first inhabitants are moving in the opposite direction." Read.

Demcare: The public option plays hide-and-seek: Read.
"As usual, there’s no concrete language for the public to see. Only public press conferences alluding to vague backroom door agreements. More.

More proof that Government interference is a killer...

Too much Gov. cripples innovation; budgetary constraints offer little innovative training; few grants to enable (non Gov. controlled) competition within tribal Nations... Government cannot meets the needs of the people.

Today's Links...
Meet The New Public Option (Same As the Old Public Option.)
Trojan for Single Payer Beware of "cooked-up solution" Read.

Health Care Bill Filled with Psycho/Pharma Industry Agenda READ.

White House power grab that Congress and America doesn't see: READ

Obama moves to the Indians to improve failing support for Gov. option plan; and confirms the failure of Governmental controls:
"Native Americans die of illnesses like tuberculosis, alcoholism, diabetes, pneumonia and influenza at far higher rates ... We’re going to have to do more to address disparities in health care delivery." -Obama.

Note the key word, "disparities." It is Government incompetence, and not inequality, that is KILLS people and options ... But as 'glass half-empty' President Obama and Harry Reid Democrats push to widen a Government Role; they are warned to cease to widen failure; & let us do common sense reforms which lift restrictions, and empower quality!

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