Health Care Bill Filled with Psycho/Pharma Industry Agenda

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (in US!)

Duped as "Affordable Health Care for America Act"... Key components of Democrat's Gov. Health Plan remain filled with mental health provisions intended to prop up psychiatry as well as the pharmaceutical industry with billions in future income.

Poster: M. Malkin
-Protect the children.

Obamacare Bill makes no provisions to ensure any entities doing such research are free from conflicts of interest or pharmaceutical funding; fails to disclose millions of dollars in pharmaceutical payments... And this increases the potential for assessments of (often harmful) psychotropic solutions…

Political front money quota from a strong arm Gov; would lend disastrous results in determining care... Harming the health of Society.

From the Citizen's Commission of Human Rights International.
The program provides Gov control in matters of "age appropriate behaviors" for children; thus providing a direct feeder line for the psycho/pharmaceutical industry directly into our schools…

In my assessment, the bill encourages drug solutions that place Healthcare according to shares and partisan favors, over patient assessment… Care becomes front money for drugs sold by Pharma political campaigns.

Your voice needs to be heard in Washington on this outrageous bill. Call, fax, or email your Representative and tell them that you are opposed to the above points in the Health Care Reform bill.

To find your Representative and get their contact information, go to www.congress.org to look them up (you need to enter your zip code). You can also call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

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"It's massive, and it's the "medication" that caused it," he said. Read.

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