Federal Infringements Cross State's Rights

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Nearly every American aligns with Thomas Jefferson; the author of the Declaration of Independence... Because we ALL align with Independence of Individual Freedom... And remain mindful of those who draft imperfect scenarios, in an effort to enslave, or reduce these Freedoms.

Image: Jefferson (1743-1826)

Executive Order -- Amending Executive Order 12425 Read.
He has affected to render the (Foreign) Military independent of and superior to the Civil Power. READ VIEW: 12/17/09 Executive Order.

Our Declaration states that each man is the Master of his own Freedoms. It shall be our DUTY to remind those, that our fight is already won. And as we exchange a prayer for all those who must shed the perils of tyranny and oppression… This is also a reminder of our strengths; in the days of excessive, unequal & unjust, taxation...
(and be it, repressive health legislation.)

Jefferson was sharply at odds with fellow cabinet members John Adams and Alexander Hamilton, both of whom he found to be too authoritarian and too quick to assume overwhelming power for the part of the executive...NOTE: He followed his objections with eight years of his Presidency (from 1801)...

If he were here today, I believe that he would suggest a COMPLETE SCRAP of "over-stepping" and "States infringing" policy of the FEDERAL Government... He would stand for State's exclusive rights to nullify all Federal Legislature designed to oppress these Rights; no matter how seemingly "well founded or well-crafted"...

VIDEO: Important Discussion: HERE.

ALL Government Run Programs have FAILED, and it is time to regain Freedom of States, to address issues without Federal restrictions... States must exercise their solemn DUTY to END the "over-step" of Federal Bureaucratic Leaders; and if not, it is their duty to REMOVE THEM.

-END THE OBAMA CARE DEBACLE; OR STATES WILL RETURN TO 1776, when Freedom Meant Prosperity...

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