President of all the wrong people, wrong constitution, and wrong beliefs?

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

A dozen quotes, but polls say, less of us desire the horrible history, others have forgotten.

Image: Barbay (U.S.)

Thousands of pages of demands upon citizenry; but not one to reform Government... A Republic's survival lies in leadership's oath to protect, defend, & honor the Constitution; not feverish efforts to terminate it.

We're not a perfect Nation, but had our 2nd President pursued the same ambitions, as today; it would not have stood with a 234 yr history...

There were those with greater troubles who did not blame their predecessor, or give lip service.... They simply made our Republic better… But before this regime drives the Nation further down a completely different "drunk and wobbly" lane…

I urge the President to redirect back to his oath... And not by slogans, but by Constitutional practices... Reduce Government and CEASE practices which will bankrupt our nation... Or meet the "REAL" defenders of the Constitution.

Dan Mitchell (Cato Institute) has this..
VIDEO: The official forecasts are nonsense;
Obamacare would be a budget buster!

Rounding up the polls: VIEW.

And look at this...
Regardless of your political affiliation...
Everyone should Read this Article... #
Before corporate interests loot the rest of our liberty: Read it now.

Take note of which "special interest" Corporations use funds from your purchases to further U.S. job losses, escalate utility costs, impact food rationing; all of which continue to drive small business closure... Read.
This is part 2 (end game) which follows part 1 (big bank perk bailouts)
Use your wallet to disagree, and shift your support to small Businesses.

Do it for year 236...

Updates on this soon...
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