Obama in China: Whitehouse wants the perfect (hand picked) forum just like U.S.

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

VIDEO: Obama lectures China:
"Back Home, they can say everything they want about me...(--) And I think that this makes me a better President."
But only "plants" ask direct questions!

How many lies in this article? READ.
"The White House said it wanted this forum to be just like those that the president holds in the United States -- no pre-screened questions, a free-flowing dialogue "

Obama Admin screens its question sessions, and provides "planted" audiences amidst media-controlled silence! Fake words and suppressed reality.

Today, he travels via 71 vehicle entourage, to give speeches to "hand-picked" audiences, later censored by China! ...Hahaha!
It's the Truman Show!

Over one million Americans visited the Whitehouse... ObamaMedia radar makes them disappear! A huge defeat for Free Speech!

Too bad millions of Americans couldn't have asked the students to question Soros; ACORN Fraud; numerous tax cheats swept under the rug; figures that don't add up; populations later found not to exist; and the list goes on...

NOTE: Truman Show's Jim Carey, is very passionate about Su- Ki release from prison... And the hypocrisy during this President's tour, maintains her plight.

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