NASA's Monday work-week-commute

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Destination ISS, delivering two control moment gyroscopes, supplies, etc... bound for the ISS.
Image: NASA: ISS [Enlarge]
Solar Arrays

NASA's Shttle Atlantis crew lift-off for a perfect launch for a crew of 8.
Missions Remaining:
› STS-129; › STS-130; › STS-131; › STS-132; › STS-134; › STS-133;
› Fact Sheet: Remaining Shuttle Missions (1.3 MB PDF)
This mission will complete the final space shuttle crew rotation flight...
Which also returns crew member Nicole Stott to Earth.

TODAY: Excitement for the current developing phase of NASA's new technology will evolve a much more efficient mission standard...

Wow... burning half a ton of fuel per second; and speed doubled in the last 2 minutes before entering orbit. It traveled 6000 miles per hour after 8 minutes!

Looking forward to the new craft efficiency... (coming soon)...

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