Micheletti to discuss 'exit' from crisis

-Posted by D. Worth (US) - for - M. Barbay (France) and US

UN Oiling the wheels of inquiry, not found in the Honduran Constitution... As US Congressional findings are ignored; a released UN DPS study becomes opinion.

UPDATE: Confusion over Honduras agreement BBC
"I wouldn't talk of an end to the political crisis, but an exit, yes."
"Reinstatement after the fact (vote) is something we will not accept."

Wouldn't Honduras have to ratify their Constitution for the UN?
This does not seem like a realistic request for any Government.

Earlier news had shown acceptance: lagringasblogicito
"Removal of Zelaya was constitutional": UN Read.

Faustasblog has more:
15 Minutes on Latin America

UN quickly posted a clarification on their website...

I guess UN wouldn't want "opinion" to get in the way of facts... This is just a country with a Constitution of which UN is not on the board... But given their concern for coup d'├ętats... Seeking justice, could make OAS a very lonely group.

After 1823 Honduras joined the newly formed United Provinces of Central America... Among Central American leaders this was followed by harsh partisan strife; bringing the federation's collapse in 1838...

Is it any wonder that they would write a Constitution to protect their Republic from the years of strife which followed...
They have little money, but are Rich with Freedom.

It looks like Honduras Constitution is their shining light...
For this I understand...
Despite those who would see us otherwise; America(s) should be the land of the free. God Bless Our Defenders.

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